Pointe du Raz, France Webcamera

October 18, 2015

The Pointe du Raz is a promontory that extends into the Atlantic from western Brittany, in France.

Pointe du Raz

It is named after the Raz de Sein, the dangerous stretch of water between it and the island of Sein (Enez Sun in Breton). It is a dramatic place of crashing waves and strong winds. The word raz was borrowed from Norman by the Bretons and shares the same etymology as the English word race “strong current of water”, both are from Old Norse rás.

La Vieille is a lighthouse in the département of Finistère at the commune of Plogoff, on the northwest coast of France. It is among the small class of lighthouses around the coasts of France carrying the moniker “hell”, due to a remote position in rough seas.  La Vieille achieved notoriety in the 1920s when two disabled war veterans were stranded there for weeks by storms, their health deteriorating. They were employed under a new law reserving the job of lighthouse keeper to those who had served in the war. The tremendous difficulties experienced in getting them back to shore led to the repeal of the new law. In 1995 it was the penultimate French lighthouse to become automated, a process delayed due to the keepers on-site staging a protest against the task being carried out.

Great storm of 2014


One Response to “Pointe du Raz, France Webcamera”

  1. SimpleSue Says:

    Those waves were magnificent. I’ve never seen anything quite like that.

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