star2.jpgIn 1945 Jorge Luis Borges published a short story entitled ‘The Aleph‘ about a man living in Buenos Aires who discovered a magical point in his basement from which one can view everything in the world.


earth.gifWebcam became aleph for me in 1997 when I discovered a camera in a dental office in Hachinohe Japan. Having watched static web cams for years, I was startled and spellbound by the busy dental workers, courtesy of motion jpeg. Unbelievably this camera, Dental Office K, is still up and running today on the same page it was ten years ago!


The experience of viewing this cam was transforming. The hunt was on for more of these motion cameras. Over the years I assembled a modest collection of interesting cameras on a website.

The reference camera bank below displays live images from the points I use to track the progress of the sunrise across Asia, Europe and Africa. The thumbnails display real time sunrise status. Mouseover image to see location.

Windows on the Sunrise…Tokyo to Lisbon

O'Higgens BaseTokyo


Athens FrankfurtSalerno

Mt Blanc Kalmar SwedenLagos Portugal

Reloading this page will display the latest images.

earth.gifAfter viewing hundreds of cameras, I realized select cameras not only had higher quality images, but were placed expertly and had been consistently running for long periods of time. The Sunrise collection of cameras reflects those criterion and focuses on camera placement to provide the ideal viewing conditions for the sunrise, dramatic weather phenomenon such as storms or unusual cloud formations, and less frequently the doings of humans or animals.


earth.gifFor those who have never been infected with a late night curiosity to know what might be happening on the other side of the world, or who have never had the desire to fly above the globe and pick and choose among exotic far away lands and peek for a while into that life, there is no way to describe the peculiar pleasure of simultaneously watching a crow preen his feathers on a telephone wire on a breezy morning in Tokyo; a young boy from a coastal Greek village skipping stones into the Aegean Sea at dawn; and a discarded newspaper blown down a deserted London street at 4:00AM.



earth.gifNot much by way of opinion going on here. The Sunrise Project is meant for entertainment and pleasure. Like a garden, the ‘project’ can be a relaxing diversion from a stressful day…a refuge from the din of opinion and the clamor of world events. The sunrise motif was chosen because it represents the moment of darkness before the return of light…a moment of hope.


lilstar3.gifThe Sunrise Project is dedicated to Adrienne Taylor Keil, my beloved god daughter killed by a drunk driver at the age of seventeen. Adrienne, I once told you how important it was to never give up…to hold tight to your dreams. You were my ever dependable beta-tester; we did a lot of coding together kiddo. You kept the faith. Thank you!

To see the photo collection for Adrienne use the Flickr widget located on the sidebar. There are several other collections on Flickr and the topics include nature, severe weather, cloud formations, and of course my dog Caesar.



3 Responses to “Concerns”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hey Snoop
    I’ve been snooping around!

  2. Sue Says:

    Oh, hey Sn00p, did I tell you I really enjoyed the “Aleph” story! You find such cool stuff!

  3. Sue Hughes Says:

    A giant sea turtle went by just as I got on the Toba Aquarium Cam you featured!
    I am at work, and I have terrible eye fatigue from looking at a screen for almost 8 hours now, and it is very relaxing to watch!

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