star2.jpg“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory or defeat.”

zero.gif –Teddy Roosevelt



Adrienne Taylor Keil July 25th 1989 — January 27th 2007

our cross-country heroine

Adrienne at a cross country meet, as usual, focused and giving it her all. 09.16.06

lilstar3.gif My profile
hey, i’m adrienne & i’m 17; i live in Pittsburgh and i’ve been here my whole life. i feel too emotional and moody sometimes, but i do love my friends and family, although sometimes its hard to tell apart the real people from the fakes. i admit sometimes i’m a worrier- oh well i have to deal with it. i like to cut up and have fun with my friends, but i also want to do something meaningful with my life. i love kids. if you’re a fake, don’t waste my time. also, know that; once i put my mind to something, i work very hard to attain whatever goal i want to achieve. i have a huge fear of getting my heart broken and of being alone. being rejected hurts. sometimes i feel worthless and if you’ve been there, you know the pain. i want to be happy; i haven’t been for awhile. despite all of this, i wont change for you; i do respect myself. if you think you can accept me for who i am, we might be able to be friends. ❤ adrienne

lilstar3.gif My heroes
God, my family, and my friends. But especially my mom. She’s done so much for me, I cant even put it into words. I just hope she knows how much i love her and how appreciated she is. —- from Adrienne’s Myspace Page



adrienne & mom

Nella buona e nella cattiva sorte il vostro amico.

On January 27’th 2007 at approximately 9:00PM Adrienne was struck and killed on the sidewalk, as she was returning from a friend’s home, by a drunken driver.

On November 15’th 2007 Adrienne was the recipient of the University of Rochester Fredrick Douglas and Susan B. Anthony Award In Humanities and Social Sciences . This award is given yearly to a high school junior for high academic achievement and who shows commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues through study, community action, and dialogue.

In addition to this award, Adrienne was an honor student at North Catholic High School in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She was fluent in Spanish, played in the school band, acted in school plays, and volunteered much of her time at a local hospital caring for children. She was a regular at the March for Life demonstrations in the nations capital. She had two beloved pets; Scruffi her cat and Cody her Beagle. By far though, her favorite activity was running for the school cross-country team.



bullet2.jpgAdrienne, your family and friends are so proud of you and how much you accomplished in your short life. We admire your determination to overcome whatever obstacles you faced and your persistence and refusal to quit when the times got tough. You are are a hero in our eyes. Know that words could never express how much we love and miss you.


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Sometime in the summer of 2007 I often found myself sitting on a fence overlooking a steep wooded valley near my home. I  stared blankly over a scene I would have ordinarily found inspiring, but now I was filled with such unbearable sadness over the loss of Adrienne, it seemed as though all my senses had shut down and all I could feel was an insufferable pain in my heart.

On the third day of sitting, so glum and cheerless, I noticed an unusually colored little bird who would fly to the top of a nearby tree and sing. I could not identify the bird by it’s markings because they appeared to change as the bird moved or flew. And then the bird began to sing…everyday the most poignant notes…a birdsong I had never heard. It was a plaintive melody, but one that gently spoke of consolation and companionship, almost as if the little bird was trying to comfort me.

This went on for almost three weeks; everyday I would come and sit on the fence, and mysteriously this little bird would appear and sing. The creature  would stay as long as I remained on the fence. After several weeks the bird failed to appear, and for the first time I noticed the wildflowers growing under this tree. I  gathered them and arranged them with a memorial I made for Adrienne. The photograph of the flowers and memorial is linked to the above thumbnail.

Some time later I recalled a poem authored by St. John of the Cross. I quoted this poem once on the front page of a website Adrienne helped me build when she was just a little girl.

“The conditions of a solitary

bird are five:

The first that it flies to the

highest point;

the second that it does not suf-

fer for company

not even of it’s own kind

The third that it aims it’s

beak to the skies;

the fourth, that it does not

have a definite color;

the fifth, that it sings very


— San Juan De La Cruz


2 Responses to “Dedication”

  1. Sue Says:

    This is such a nice tribute to Adrienne. I like the way you included her own words from her myspace page.

  2. D. Shelby Says:

    Yet again I sit here weeping for the child we loved and lost. This is a fitting and meaningful tribute to a beautiful girl.

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